Making Slices of Your Event "Easy as Toast"
Ringside Event Results


Have you ever wanted to know the results at the event and could not find them?

Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to see armband numbers?

Have you ever gotten up to go check the catalog just to return and find your seat taken?

Have you ever thought it would be cool to have the results pushed to your phone, tablet or laptop as they occur?

Yeah. We thought so too, so we are doing something about it.

You already know that our philosophy is that there is no easier appliance to use than a good toaster. You put in the slice, click a "lever" and walk away - confident that the slice will pop up perfectly prepared to your taste without any further involvement from you!

But we like appliances with lots of easy to use features. Enter the newest feature: Ringside Event Results.

At participating events you will see a QR-Code image (like the one below) posted somewhere. When you open the scan app on your wireless Internet enabled phone, tablet or laptop and point it at the QR-Code, your device will instantly recognize it and display our free application (customized to that event) without any fuss or bother.

If you have a laptop or other wireless Internet enabled device without a camera you can also just type in the URL for the trial results that will be posted along with the QR-Code and get the same application on your laptop.

If you do not have a QR-Code scanner on your device, get one! It is so easy (and so handy)! You will start to notice how many places these codes are already in use (and then you will realize that by getting a scanner on your phone you are not forging new ground, just finally starting to catch up!).

There are a lot of scanners out there but the one we like best is simply called Scan. Download the app onto your mobile device by clicking here.

Ready to see if your mobile device can scan a code? Great! Try it now on this QR-Code and see how easy it is! If you are successful you will instantly be rewarded with a FREE toaster! What have you got to lose?

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